When it comes to roof repairs, we have seen and repaired it all. From slipped shingles, to a gaping hole from a fallen tree, to the mystery leak others have failed to identify, let Mancilla Roofing and Construction solve your roof problem once and for all.

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Common roof repairs:

If your roof has recently been subjected to hail, high winds, or large tree limbs, you may have leaks and not even know it. A compromised shingle will allow water to penetrate at a slow rate. The water soaks into the roof deck causing soft spots and wood rot. If the problem is not addressed, it can drastically reduce the remaining life of your roof. Don't let a little leak become a big problem down the road. If you are concerned your roof has suffered damage from impacts or the elements, don't hesitate to call Mancilla today. Inspections are free, and should you need a repair, you will save $50 on your roof repair of $250 or more!



"They took care of a leak that several others couldn't find. Very knowledgeable." -Y. Smith

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  • Slipped/missing shingles

  • Leaks around chimney

  • Leak around skylights

  • Leak in valleys

  • Leaks around pipes and vents

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