Fascia is essentially the trim under the roof edge that runs vertical to the ground around the perimeter of the house.  We see lots of fascia rot behind gutters, where moisture gets trapped against the wood.  Often gutters that are clogged or have pulled away from the fascia are to blame for the rot because they allow leaves and debris to build against the wood, holding in moisture.  In addressing the issue Mancilla Roofing & Construction will remove the gutter and replace bad wood. We will then caulk, prime and paint the new fascia.  Last, your gutter will be cleaned and properly reattached.



Soffit is on the underside of your eaves.  It contains vents or small holes to allow air to circulate.  Soffit can rot, be damaged by animals such as squirrels and woodpeckers, and sometimes, overtime the nails just pull out, leaving your soffit barely hanging.


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Fascia and Soffit Repair